MONDAY POOL LEAGUE                                                 SATURDAY POOL LEAGUE

President: Steve Haynes-262-9643                               President: Eva Silcott-752-4286

Vice President: Rick Reed-816-262-3192                     Vice President: Ed Loubey–596-0802

League Coord: Gwen Sill-261-0836                               League Coord: Gwen Sill-261-0836








A team will consist of no more than six (6) players.  Teams may decide for themselves which three (3) players will play each week.  All league players must be legal age of twenty-one (21) to play.


Any team not showing up to play for three (3) weeks forfeits all rights to claim prize money.  A team that does not pay for three (3) weeks will be removed from the league.






Summer Leagues will pay $6.50 per player totaling $19.50 per team.


Money in envelope:  Home team $13.75; Visiting team $14.00.  


Money in cup/table:  Home team $5.75; Visiting team $5.50


The captain of each team should make sure the correct amount is in the envelope.  If your team is scheduled to play a team that has dropped out of the league, you do not have to go to the bar where the match is scheduled, but you must fill out the paperwork putting which five (5) players will receive the 24 ball count.  See rule below regarding how to receive ball count.


In case of a BYE week or a forfeit week, you can either pay $23.00 for that week ($13.75 for Summer teams), or it will come out of the team’s payback.  If the team wants ball count for the BYE, a scoresheet with the three (3) team members names must be turned in the SAME WEEK AS THE BYE to receive ball count.  Late scoresheets will result in NO BALL COUNT for the BYE.


Deliver your envelopes to ACME Music Co., 1701 Frederick Ave.  There is a box (mail slot) on the building to the right of the garage doors to deposit your envelopes.  Envelopes should be in no later than 8:00 am Wednesday for Monday pool, and 5:00 pm Tuesday for Saturday pool.  On the front of your envelopes, you must put what division you are in and your team name.  If envelopes are not returned on time, it can result in forfeiture of all points won. Each team is responsible for their envelope.  In case of a cancellation due to weather, make-up games will be at the end of the schedule.  Cancellations will be announced with Facebook and Channel 2.  Monday and Wednesday by 2:00 pm and Saturday by 12:00 pm.




Captains are responsible to see what bracket they are in to determine if your team will receive any handicap. Handicap starts on the 2nd week for all leagues.  Scores will be recorded by the team captain or designated person.  The team captain should review the scores with the opposing team captain after each game.  There are four (4) team points possible each week.  Eight (8) points are possible each game.  The winner will receive eight (8) points; the loser will receive one (1) point for each ball of his numerical group pocketed.  Since the points are team points, as opposed to game points, you must wait until everyone has played one game before team points can be totaled.  After each person has played one game in their series, add up the points acquired in that round of play.  This is the subtotal for that round.  By adding the subtotal and the handicap (if your team is receiving a handicap), you will have your total for the round.  You will receive one team point for most points made in each round, and one team point for total points of all three rounds.  Tie games will be split with each team being awarded ˝ point.




Monday – All games will start by 7:00 PM (actual time) and no later than 7:15 PM.


Saturday – All games will start by 2:00 PM (actual time) and no later than 2:15 PM.




·         Start of play, order of play, and breaker is determined by score sheet.


·         Masse shots are legal.



·         If a player is not present at the start time of any of his/her games, it may result in a loss of that game.  If a player is going to be late, their captain needs to inform the opposing team captain. The opposing team captain has the option of:

1.    Allowing a late player to finish their game/s when they arrive; or

2.    Having the late player take a loss for any games missed.




·         When positioning the cue ball for the break shot or after a scratch, the entire ball must be behind the headstring in the kitchen. likewise, the object ball must be outside of the kitchen and not on the headstring.


·         All teams are responsible for their own score sheets.


·         When shooting, you may ask ONE (1) teammate a question on shooting, but only THAT teammate may be consulted and come up to the table.


·         In the case of a dispute, team captains should try to resolve the question.  If the captains cannot agree, the game should be played over.  The players will split quarters.


·         All rescheduling of games must be by mutual consent of the League Coordinator, both team captains, and the location agreed to. In an emergency, opposing captains may also delay or reschedule their games by mutual consent.  All make-up games must be arranged with the League Coordinator and played no later than two weeks after the originally scheduled match.  When games are not played, the money to the league must still be paid or it will be deducted from your winnings at end of the season.


·         All team captains may come to ACME Music and get a game cue ball.  The game cue ball must be turned in at the end of the season or your team will be charged $20.00.


·         The 8 ball is neutral.  The 8 ball can be played straight in or banked, and the pocket must be called before it is shot.  There is no such thing as “SAFETY.”  Split shots are illegal.


·         BREAK SHOTS:  The breaker must drive four (4) or more balls to a cushion, or pocket one or more object balls.  If the breaker fails to do so, the opponent has the options of:

1.    Accepting the table in position and shooting;

2.    Having the balls re-racked and shooting the break himself; or

3.    Having the original breaker re-break.


         Note:  If the table is re-racked, this will be considered the second shot and pocketing the 8 ball on the break is a loss of game.


·      The 8 ball made on the break will score 8-0.  The 8 ball made on the break with the cue ball scratching is a loss and will score 0-8.




Gentlemen’s Call Pocket will be played.  In Call Pocket, obvious shots and pockets do not have to be indicated.  However, if unsure of the shot, it is the opponent’s right to ask about the object ball and intended pocket.  Banks and combinations are not considered obvious and both the object ball and the pocket must be called or it is a loss of turn.  When calling a shot, it is NEVER necessary to indicate the number of cushions, kisses, caroms, etc.




The penalty for the following fouls is a loss of turn.


·         If the cue stick touches the cue ball other than to shoot the shot at any time, it is a foul.


·         If the cue ball is moved at any time other than shooting or placing it after a scratch, it is a foul.  You can move the cue ball any way you want before the break, but after the break, you must move the cue ball with your hand.


·         You must relocate the cue ball after a scratch shot with your hand, not the cue.


·         ACCIDENTALLY moving or touching a ball is a foul if:

1.    The moved ball is the cue ball;

2.    A moved ball makes contact with the cue ball;

3.    A moved ball causes any ball to be jumped off the table or pocketed.


·         If a ball, other than the cue ball, is accidently moved during play, only the opponent may replace the ball moved as close as possible to its original position, or leave it where it rests.  If the shooter replaces the moved ball, it is a foul.


·         If you accidently move a ball during a shot and it moves into the path of the object ball, it is a foul if those balls collide.


·         If you accidentally touch or move a ball and it falls in a pocket, the person who touched or moved the ball needs to put $1.25 in table and retrieves it, and it is to be spotted.


·         If you intentionally touch a ball, it is a foul.  (Example:  Intentionally resting your hand on a ball to stabilize your bridge.)


·         One foot must be on the floor at all times when shooting or this will be a foul.


·         Jump shots are illegal, resulting in a foul and loss of turn. 





·         If the 8 ball is made on the break and you scratch, you lose.


·         A player can 'Foul Out' and lose the game if they don't hit one of their object balls for four consecutive turns.  If there is an attempt to foul out your opponent, you must announce your attempt to do so by the opponent's second failed attempt to hit an object ball.  You must then call the fouls as they occur.  The 8 ball can be used to hit an OBJECT BALL to avoid a foul, however, failure to HIT AN OBJECT BALL WITH THE 8 ball will be a foul.


·         Making the 8 ball in the wrong pocket is a loss of game.


·         Any object ball that leaves the table and goes onto the floor is spotted.  If the 8 ball leaves the table, it is a loss of game.  If any ball leaves the table, it is a loss of turn.


·         All four (4) games will be forfeited if a team plays a player under another name.


·         If a player picks up the 8 ball or shoots it in a pocket to lose the game on purpose, everyone’s score remains the same, but that player gets a zero (0) and the other player gets an eight (8).


·         A team cannot have more than nine (9) players on their roster.  Prior to play, the Captain of the team with excessive players will remove the extra players from their roster and inform the other Captain of the names.  Both Captains should write the removed names at the bottom of their score sheets.  Refusal to remove names could result in forfeiture of the match.


·         If the 8 ball or any ball stops on the edge of a pocket and then falls in due to vibrations and without contact, it is NOT a loss of game.  The 8 ball or number ball will be spotted and the players will split quarters to retrieve the ball.  After the ball is spotted, the player in possession of the table will resume his/her turn where the cue ball lays.





If a player hits the opponent’s ball first and makes his/her ball, the player that made the illegal shot will pay $1.25 to retrieve the ball he/she pocketed and put it on the spot and it is the next players turn.  If he/she does not pay to retrieve the ball, the opponent gets an 8 and the person who committed the foul gets the number of balls they made, minus the ball that was pocketed illegally.




All pool sign-ups will be held at the President’s bar.  All paybacks will be held at the 1st place bar.  In the case of a tie for 1st place, the teams will have a play-off at a neutral bar.




Bad sportsmanship includes:  1) Foul or abusive language; 2) Harassment from players or spectators; 3) Abuse of equipment or unethical conduct; 4) Intentional changing the position of the balls in play other than by a shot; 5) Intentional attempts to distract the opponent either by talking to the opponent or placing yourself in the opponents view while he/she is shooting; 6) Physical intimidation or violence.  Bad sportsmanship may be grounds for forfeiture of the game, the match, or expulsion from the league.  Physical violence WILL result in expulsion of the player(s) and/or the team from the league with a forfeiture of all money paid.




Should there be a question about a rule or a dispute concerning a shot during league play, the players are encouraged to stop the game for clarification.  The team Captains are to review the written rules in their packets and if possible reach a mutual agreement prior to resuming play.  If necessary, the Captain or the players involved, can call the league President or Vice-President for rule clarification.  A decision will be rendered at that time, which may include having the game replayed.


Should the Captains still not be able to reach an agreement, a protest may be filed per the Protest Procedure.  NOTE:  If a Captain intends to protest, he/she should not sign the score sheet.  A Captain's signature implies acceptance of the match's outcome.


PROTEST PROCEDURE:  Authority to protest rests with the Captain.  A Protest must be in writing and be presented to the League Coordinator within 24 hours after match. Protests shall include a $50.00 deposit.  If the protest is not upheld, the deposit will be forfeited.