Open Cricket League Rules

League Coordinator-Gwen Sill 816-261-0836


1.    All dart players must be at least 21 years of age to play. All dart players must be able to provide proof of age if questioned.


2.    Players may use their own darts as long as they are unaltered, factory issued darts and tips. They may not exceed 18 grams in weight and 8 inches in length. Otherwise house darts will be supplied.


3.    The games run as follows: 6 games of 501 and 10 games of cricket.


4.    A dart thrown that sticks but does not score may be manually scored.


5.    All games shall have foul lines positioned 87 ⅝” from the front of the machine. 96” horizontally from the face of the dart board. Players will be allowed to lean across the foul line with trail foot as long as the trail foot does not touch the floor before the dart scores.


6.    The dart machine is always right. If the machine isn’t operating correctly, the two team captains will decide whether to play, call in a repair at 816-279-6113, or stop the game and make it up at a later date. Games that are made up must be done before the next day of play.


7.    Each of the open cricket teams will be allowed 4 regular team members and 4 subs.


8.    Only 4 members of a team will be allowed to compete on any given league night. All Players will play 8 games a person per night.


9.    Once a new league is formed and started a player may switch teams with the approval from both team captains involved in the moving. Subs are considered as team members and may not play for two teams in the same league. If you add a sub you will need to manually add that person’s name at the board and then before the next league night you will need to bring all that person’s information in to ACME Music.


10.    Teams will play one half of the scheduled league games at home and one half of the scheduled league games away, schedule permitting. Each team will play all other teams at least once, schedule permitting.


11.     Game time is 7:00 P.M. for all evening leagues. The time is “real” time, not “bar” time. Teams will have 15 minutes to show before play begins. If opposing team shows before the first game is over, they forfeit the first game and start play on the second game. If the first game is finished, all games are forfeited.


12.    Players pay a $5.00 league fee per night plus quarters. All money is put into the boards.


13.    Bars will not charge a cover charge to the league players during league play. Bars are not obligated to give free drinks to players.


14.    It is each player’s responsibility to see that the machine is displaying that player’s number prior to throwing any darts.  If a player throws when the machine is displaying an opponent’s number, the opponent has the option to accept that score and allow play to continue, or reset the machine to the player’s number who originally threw on the wrong number and then continuing play.


15.    In any given turn, if a player throws 3 darts and one or two of the darts thrown do not register, the player must push the enter button before pulling the darts from the machine. If a player registers points by not pushing the enter button first, this will result in a foul and the opposing team has the following options. Accept the score and play continues and player committing the foul loses one dart on their next turn. Game is reset to score before the foul was committed and quarters will be supplied by the player who committed the foul.


16.    Ties at the end of a league for first place will be played at the end of the season. If a playoff is needed the two teams will go to a neutral bar to play the match.


17.    If there is a problem between the two teams on a play night, any member of the team has the right to stop the game and contact the league coordinator with ACME. If a protest is made it must be made within 24 hours. On an official protest the team submitting the protest must include a $50.00 fee. If the protest is granted in favor of the submitting team the $50.00 will be refunded to the team captain. If the protest is unfavorable the $50.00 will be put into the league payback fund. The reason for this fee is to cut down on the unnecessary protests.


18.    Abuse of equipment, poor sportsmanship, and unethical conduct may be grounds for forfeiture of the game, the match, and/or expulsion from the league. No foul or abusive language will be tolerated. No harassment from players or spectators will be tolerated.


19.    Any physical violence and the player or team will be expelled from the league and forfeiture of game and moneys paid. If any physical violence occurs during any league game, the person/persons instigating the fight will be automatically suspended from the current league. Said person/persons will be allowed to play in future leagues if the situation reoccurs said person/persons will be permanently barred from all leagues.


20.    If a team forfeits 3 times in the league they will removed from the league and all league fees already paid will be forfeited.


21.     You will find the players history stats online at under the Vendor Standing Page. Their handicap will be determined using their known highest average. A new player with no history in darts will come in as follows. Men will be and 18.00 for 01 and for Cricket 2.0 and women will be a 15.00 for 01 and for cricket 1.75


22.    No team will exceed the team cap of 95.00. When bringing in a sub you must also stay under the cap.


23.    If a makeup match is to be rescheduled it must be okayed by both captains and will be made up before the next scheduled league night.


24.    CAPTAINS: Cell phones seem to be a problem. Please use common courtesy and if it’s your turn to throw, call the person back!! This will be the captain’s responsibility to keep their team in order and throwing when it’s their turn!!!


Finally, let’s remember that the leagues are created for you, the player and are meant to be for fun and the chance to get out and have a good time.